Hello and welcome to Harvest Vegetarian Kitchen! We are Jane and Martin, husband and wife team. We've lived and worked in Bradley, Wrexham since 1989, dedicating ourselves to serving our local community good quality home-cooked food for 27 years. Then following some changes we made to our own way of life, we decided to take the shop along on the journey with us.

So, from 1st September 2016, it was with great enthusiasm and excitement that we announced our completely renovated premises and reopened as 'Harvest Vegetarian Kitchen', a 100% plant-based takeaway food shop.

The menu consists of the same popular recipes and dishes our customers have enjoyed over the years. The only difference is that we have replaced the meat and any animal by-products with vegan, wheat, and soya ingredients. We've worked hard to retain and re-create the flavours and textures of all of our signature dishes.

From appetisers to main meals and side portions, our extensive vegan menu will have something for everyone. They are delicious, healthy, and meat-free. Great for vegans, vegetarians and even meat-lovers. Whether you are one of our regular and loyal customers, or someone who is looking for tasteful and exciting Chinese vegan dishes, we invite you to come and explore the choices on our menu. We are sure you'll be able to find something you'll love and enjoy.

Looking forward to giving you a warm welcome here at Harvest Vegetarian Kitchen, and hope to see you soon!